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  • 三年級英語小故事-超級丹


    China's Lin Dan tells the world he is now the true No.1 badminton player! He wins the gold medal (金牌) in the men's singles (男單比賽) at the Gu...
    2013-07-21 21:33:37

  •  三年級英語小故事-熊貓總動員


    Pandy is a lovely panda. He lives happily with his family and friends in the forest. One day, some terrible enemies (敵人) come. The pandas are in da...
    2013-07-19 14:16:16

  •  三年級英語小故事-救救小猴子


    One day,a monkey drove his car near a lake.Sudden,he saw a tiger under a tree.The tiger saw him,too.The tiger ran very fast at the monkey.The monkey wa...
    2013-07-08 14:14:33

  • 三年級英語小故事-The rabbit’s long tail

    三年級英語小故事-The rabbit’s long tail

    A long, very long time ago, rabbits had long, very long tails. One day, a long-tailed rabbit came outside to play. Oh! There is a carrot patch across t...
    2013-07-08 14:13:39

  • 小學三年級英語小故事-薩姆和喬


    am and Joe were astronauts. There was once a very dangerous trip and the more experienced astronauts knew there was only a small chance of coming back ...
    2013-05-03 14:39:45

  •  三年級英語小故事-倒霉的猴子


    One day,a monkey drove his car near a lake.Sudden,he saw a tiger under a tree.The tiger saw him,too.The tiger ran very fast at the monkey.The monkey wa...
    2013-05-03 14:38:58

  •  三年級英語小故事-Drunk


    Drunk One day, a father and his little son were going home. At this age, the boy was interested in all kinds of things and was always asking questions....
    2013-04-25 16:15:35

  • 三年級英語小故事-Save Water

    三年級英語小故事-Save Water

    Save Water 保護水資源 Water is very important for us. We must drink water everyday. We cant live without water. Water is everywhere around us. At ...
    2013-04-25 16:14:37

  • 小學三年級英語小故事-My English Teacher

    小學三年級英語小故事-My English Teacher

    我的英語老師My English Teacher In my life, Ms. Wang is the most important person to me. Her teaching skills are diverse. In class, she usually us...
    2013-04-25 16:14:01

  •  小學三年級英語小故事-Belling the cat

    小學三年級英語小故事-Belling the cat

    Belling the cat long ago,there was a big cat in the house.He caught many mice while they were stealing food. One day the mice bad a meeting to talk abo...
    2013-04-19 16:18:45

  • 三年級英語小故事-Little Robert

    三年級英語小故事-Little Robert

    Little Robert Little Robert asked his mother for two cents. What did you do with the money I gave you yesterday? I gave it to a poor old woman, he an...
    2013-04-19 16:15:21

  • 小學三年級英語小故事-口渴的鴿子


    The Thirsty Pigeon口渴的鴿子 A PIGEON, oppressed by excessive thirst, saw a goblet of water painted on a signboard. Not supposing it to be only a ...
    2013-04-19 16:14:04

  •  三年級英語小故事-風和太陽


    風和太陽(The Wind And The Sun) One day the wind said to the sun, Look at that man walking along the road. I can get his cloak off more quickly than...
    2013-04-18 15:52:44

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